TERRALINGUA - http://www.terralingua.org

international non-governmental organization founded in 1996 by a group of committed individuals from different backgrounds who shared a fundamental set of beliefs:

… that the diversity of life on earth is biological, cultural, and linguistic diversity (or “biocultural diversity”);

… that biological, cultural, and linguistic diversity are co-evolved, interdependent, and mutually reinforcing;

…that there is a rapid, converging crisis of extinction of the biocultural diversity of life on earth, and that is imperative to stem this crisis for the survival of all life;

… that healthy environments, resilient cultures, and vibrant languages are a matter of social justice and basic human rights for human societies, including importantly indigenous peoples and local communities;

… that the challenge of protecting, maintaining, and restoring the diversity of life on earth is the challenge of supporting and promoting diversity in nature and culture.

This set of beliefs informs our mission, vision, and fundamental goal, and guides the work we have been doing for nearly two decades.