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Workshop on promotion of eco-education in schools of mountain regions of Tien-Shan

Within the project on promotion of eco-education in schools of mountainous villages of Tien Shan region, the next workshop was organized in Talas region. Teachers from Naryn, Issyk-Kul, Chui and Talas regions gathered to exchange experiences, gain new knowledge, receive new materials, and build work plans for a new academic year.


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"This is our second workshop held with the teachers of mountain villages. The first one took place last year, at which teachers decided that promoting eco-education would be more effective if they unite. As a result, the Eco-Bilim educational network was formed. Teachers of different subjects – geography, biology, Kyrgyz language, primary classes, as well as leaders of school eco-clubs, met to discuss issues on environmental education in schools. Everyone shared a common aspiration to educate a new generation of people who will not destroy the land on which they live, not pollute the habitat of many rare animals including an amazing and rare animal – the snow leopard – the pride and beauty of our mountains,” – said Almagul Osmonova, the Director of “Taalim-Forum”.

This time the Eco-Bilim network has expanded – many new teachers have joined the network. Traditionally, the workshop was attended by specialists of natural parks and reserves, including Naryn State Reserve, Salkyn-Tor Nature Park, Chon-Kemin Nature Park and Besh-Tash Nature Park.

"In our work plans we include eco-education and work with local communities of the villages located close to the Nature reserve, but we acted separately from schools, – says a researcher of the Naryn State Nature Reserve Zholdoshbek Kyrbashev. Now we understand how we can work together with teachers and schools. If natural parks will work with schools, then environmental activities will become more sustainable and effective. At the workshop we generated new ideas for cooperation, which we will try to implement".

"This workshop was very useful for us. We learned about the problems of preserving the snow leopard, how to create eco-clubs at schools, we developed our calendar work plans. It was especially useful to meet our colleagues from other regions and establish connections with nature parks”, – said participants of the workshop.

Many of the participants visited Talas region for the first time. Visiting the eco-festival organized by Bio-KG Organic Movement Federation in Kopuro-Bazar village, walking on Manas Ordo complex, the sacred springs of Kanykei Apa, as well as zoological and local history museums in schools, allowed teachers to expand their knowledge and understanding of our historical, cultural and natural values.

Participants and organizers of the workshop believe that the established Eco-Bilim network of teachers will find many new supporters and will impact the education of a new – environmentally aware and conscious generation of Kyrgyz people who will take care and preserve our mountain eco-systems – the home of majestic snow leopards.

The workshop was organized with the support of the collaborative program on conservation of snow leopards in Central Asia by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and the Christensen Fund.


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