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Three parts of the film "The Keepers" speak about the revival and development of spiritual sources of everyday life and traditions of Kyrgyz people. The films attract public attention to custodians and keepers of traditional knowledge, to the unique connections of cultural and biological diversities and to importance of their preservation.

Spiritual revival of every nation is closely related to the resurgence of the views on its own history and culture. However, this "renovation" often becomes a stumbling block in the ways of development. The centuries of prevailing of rational or narrowly materialistic worldviews created a gap between modern people and traditional culture. That is why regeneration of perception of the authentic culture is like the opening of the forgotten doors and the custodians and keepers are the "keys" to these doors. It is not so easy to find these "doors" in the context of well-established habits in the perception of the surrounding world. In this case, our cultural riches will not be opened up to us in its full beauty and potential without their custodians and keepers