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Popular Encyclopedia. In Kyrgyz and Russian language

The book contains information and materials about traditional knowledge of Kyrgyz people, traditional economy, culture and art based on deep knowledge about nature. The book will be useful for school and university students and for wide public. The book was produced with the assistance of the “Institute for Sustainable Development Strategy” public foundation.


Popular Encyclopedia In Kyrgyz and in Russian languages.

Authors: E.D.Shukurov, E.E.Schukurov, A.A.Jusupbaeva

The book tells about plants and animals of Kyrgyzstan. The book is designed for school students and can be interesting for the wider public willing to learn about inhabitants of mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes of Kyrgyzstan. 120 pages with black-and-white illustrations.


book2Educational book to support learning natural science through literary texts including legends, poetry, stories, and songs. The book is in two parts: in the first part there are abstracts from literary works and questions related to physics, chemistry, biology, and geography.

The second part includes the answers and explanations. The book was approved by the Kyrgyz Academy of Education and recommended to secondary schools as educational resource.

127 pages with black-and-white illustrations.