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 In 2007 the first school project was piloted with participation of the Bishkek school-gymnasium #24 and secondary school of Barskoon village in Issyk-Kul region.

The main focus of the project’s program was to introduce to schoolchildren traditional horse-games of Kyrgyz people with reflection them in photographs and videos. That is why the program of place-based learning was linked to attending of schoolchildren of the At-Chabysh Festival of traditional horse-games, where they have been learning taking photographs, videos, writing essays, and participated in the ecological action. Then the group of children from Barskoon village visited Bishkek where the exhibition of pictures was organized at school #24 and where children were reading their essays. The group of children from Barskoon visited Seitek children’s center, exhibitions in the Fine Art Museum, toured the city and had fun in the park together with their Bishkek friends.

Photo: http://www.taalimforum.kg/index.php/en/galleries/photo/269-shkolnyj-proekt-2007